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"I have been consistently working with Alisa as my personal trainer for the past year.  In that time, I have definitely achieved the results I have been looking for.

She creates fun, challenging routines that are never boring or repetitive and I always look forward to our sessions!

I have always felt empowered and strengthened by her training, never babied or bullied.

I would gladly recommend Alisa to anyone who is looking to not only look better but to feel stronger, confident and fit!"



"As a Healthcare provider, I am a proponent of living a well balanced & clean lifestyle. I am not novice to the gym or weight lifting, however, I found myself challenged with time and motivation as "life" became busier. It was then that I searched for a Personal Trainer that would provide structure & accountability I needed. 

Alisa Tarsa provided me with an individualized plan that focused on my goals. Alisa created a nutrition plan specific to the foods I enjoyed and could prepare quickly for my schedule. Together with her meal plan and concise workout plan, I was seeing immediate gains, both mentally and physically.

In a few months I achieved results that I was unable to achieve in years. I have never felt more confident and she continues to inspire me with every session to push myself to my limits!"


"2 years ago,  I was tired, extremely overweight, and not a person that ever exercised.  I  knew I needed to change, or I would wind up being medicated or worse. It was time for me to change, and I found Alisa. She agreed to be my personal trainer. Alisa is by far the most optimistic and motivating young woman that I have ever encountered.  I whined and complained through every repetition. She never gave up on me.  She pushes me to my limits, she knows that I am capable of more than I could ever realize. I have lost over 100 lbs.  It have been a long and arduous journey, one that I will be on the rest of my life.  Alisa believes in me.  I could not jump rope, unless it was one foot at a time, do jumping jacks, or lift more than 10 lbs. Through Alisa's rigorous training, I can do 3 sets a 30 jumping jacks each set, jump rope with 2 feet at a time! Squats with weights, planks and the dreaded burpees! Thank you Alisa Tarsa, I am healthier and stronger because of you."



"I’ve been working out for a long time in different classes and with different trainers, but I have never seen the progress in myself like I have since working out with Alisa. She pushes me and has given me so much confidence to work harder every session. This is definitely the best I’ve looked and the strongest I’ve felt in a long time."




"Since having kids, my body was just not the same. Not only did I gain weight, but my energy levels and strength seemed to have disappeared. A friend had recommended Alisa at OuitLift, and I am beyond glad I finally made the call! Outlift gym is clean, bright and has top of the line equipment. Someone like me could have been intimidated by this, but Alisa greets me with a smile and talks to me throughout the workout. She makes me feel right at home, works me to my full potential and it's really fun! Since starting with Alisa, I have more energy for my family and I have my strength back. I'm stronger than ever! Alisa stuck with me and I am amazed at what I can do. I highly recommend Alisa for anyone looking for a pleasant and rewarding gym experience!"



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