In order to make any progress in the gym (or no matter what your goal) you must push yourself. You must challenge yourself to be better than you were the last time you were in the gym.

The 3 major types of exercises to add to your fitness routine to be a well rounded athlete are Plyometrics, Balance, & Strength.

Superset or create a Giant Circuit with all of these movements for a bomb workout to help you become more fit.

*I began to write this before the quarantine, so I demonstrated all of the exercises from home. If you have weights, obviously use them, if not, the point of the video is to show you how you can literally use ANYTHING in your house to workout with! The world is your gym!


Or, "jump training" are movements that include explosion exercises , moving as fast as you can. This means training your fast twitch muscle fibers to fire off as soon as possible.

When you perform plyos, you are using involuntary reflexes, followed by fast voluntary muscular contractions.

Box Jumps x 20

Broad Jumps x 20 (there and back or forward and reverse)

Skaters x 20 each side (this one also falls under the 'Balance' category as well)


Incorporate these exercises into your routine to improve your balance, coordination, body awareness and strength. The major factors in improving balance and stability are:

  • Base Support

  • Position of center of gravity in relation to the base support

  • Direction of forces

*Core Strength and Balance= Optimal Performance

Single Leg Deadlift x 14 each side

Bird Dog x 12 each side

Single Leg Glute Bridges x 14 each side


Strength training will contract your muscle and stimulate muscle tissue development and maintenance.

Adding strength exercises into your workouts will give you wonder woman power, a better concept of functional movement, and developed muscle.

Barbell Squats x 12-20

Bench Press x 12-20

Deadlift x 12-20

Bicep Curl to Overhead Press x 12-20

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